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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Domo Sushi

1490 E Foothill Blvd
# A

Upland, CA 91786
(909) 920-6665
E Foothill Blvd

(909) 920-6665
CA 91786
(909) 90-6665

Genre: Japanese
Rater: C Lox
Pulse (ambiance/atmosphere): 3

What's in the glass: Plum Wine 3 FORKS

What's on the Plate:
  • Samurai Roll 3 FORKS
  • Passion of the Sea 3 FORKS
  • Tamago 3 FORKS
Customer Service: 3 FORKS

  • The Best in the IE. I'm very serious. A lot of sushi restaurants these days have the name "domo" but only one of these restaurants has Jeff: Greatest Sushi Chef in the IE. It's a little hole in the wall place that shares a parking lot with Oasis and although it is small, it is mighty. The decor is quaint and there's a big HD TV above the sushi bar to grab a drink and watch the game or you can just watch Jeff do his thing. Fresh fish and fresh Tomago. Yes, I said fresh, that is, if you can get it. The hours of operation are sometimes hard to remember but it makes the experience that much more satisfying if you go at the right time. Everything there is amazing from the basic sushi and rolls the the elaborate specialty rolls and original creations like the sushi pizza and domo tacos, but I'm going to talk about the trip I took recently. The Samurai Roll is one of the greatest specialty rolls I've ever had. You have to eat it to believe it. Spicy Tuna, cream cheese, eel sauce! SO good. The Passion of the Sea Roll is also amazing, the Mango is really interesting in a good way. And of course, the fresh Tamago. The best I've ever had and probably ever will. If you really want the goods when it comes to sushi, come to Domo Sushi. The customer service could use some work, but Jeff's cheery attitude always makes up for it. Man I love this place. Get Your FORK ON!
  • Overall: 3 FORKS
C Lox

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