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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Speedzone - Gourmet Food Truck Event

Speedzone - Gourmet Food Truck Event
17871 Castleton Street
City of Industry, CA 91748
626 913 9663

Genre: Food Truck/Tent

Rater: Sashimi P

Pulse (ambiance/atmosphere): 3 FORKS (it's a Fun Zone - Duh!?!?!)

Appetizer: N/A

What's in the glass:
  • It would have been Beer if I had a DD!!!!

What's on the Plate:

  • Crispy Adobo Bowl (Tapa Boy Truck) - 3 FORKS
  • TuronOld School (Tapa Boy Truck) - 2 FORKS
  • 3 Flavor Shaved Ice (Tropical Shave Ice Truck) - 3 FORKS

Customer Service: 2 FORKS (they're in Food Trucks... what do you expect?

Overall: 3 FORKS

~ Sashimi P

  • When I first got word of this event, I was like a kid days before Christmas - Dancin' around like I gotta Pee! Then, reality hit and I was remembering past tales of what we used to call "Roach Coaches" - pleasantly this was not the result!!! I arrived a bit late so I had to park about 200 yards away from the Speedzone... my nose could smell the aroma of different flavours as if it was right in front of my gulliver. There were 3 Rig'aurants on my list to hit - "Grill Em All", "Tapa Boy", and the "Lobsta Truck". The lines were insane so I went for the less of 3 leg crampers. Tapa Boy (Filipino Food) it was. By the time I reached the Rapunzel Window, 4 ot of 5 Bowls were 86'd. The Crispy Adobo Bowl won by way of elimination - Chicken Adobo done New School, garlic fried rice, a fried egg, with a side of papaya relish and tomato/cucumber slices. I also ordered a 3 pc Turon "Old School" - Bananna Egg Rolls (rolled in brown sugar w/ a sliver of jackfruit). All were amazing and worth the wait.
  • Next my sweet tooth was kickin' like a newly blessed root canal - sumthin' evil!!! "Longboards Ice Cream" or "Tropical Shave Ice"??? This time I opted for the leg cramper and hit the mile long line @ "Tropical Shave Ice". All I have to say is "Da Kine" - Heavenly!!!
  • So if your first friday is open on your calendar... I highly recommend The Speed Zone Gourmet Food Truck Event. May I add, use this experience to try food you would not venture otherwise. With so much to do and so much to eat this event is great for groups and families. Lace up your Lead Foot and FORKthis Event. Sashimi P.


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