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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Alladdin JR

Aladdin Jr
296 W. second st
Pomona, Ca 91766

Genre: Arabic/Mediterranean
Rater: C Con Carne & Sashimi P
Pulse (ambiance/atmosphere): 2 FORKS just might have been 3 FORKS had we been there on a belly dancing day (2nd sat of the month)
  • Kebbey Makleyye - 3 FORKS
  • Cheese Fatayer - 3 FORKS
Whats in the Glass:
  • Ice tea - 2 FORKS
Whats on the plate:
  • Chicken Kabob - 3 FORKS
  • Mediteranean Salad - 3 FORKS
  • Rice - 3 FORKS
  • Lentil Soup - 2 FORKS

Customer Service: 2 FORKS


C Con Carne

  • Me and Sashimi P decided took fork it up mediteranean style and met up at Aladdin Jr. This place has cafe type setting with some eastern music that makes forget your in Pomona. We both decided to go all out with the all you can eat lunch buffet. Starting with Kebbey Makleyye and Cheese Fatayer these are FORKtabulous allthough you dont need one! Next up to bat some Chicken Kabob with a yogurt sauce and a mediteranean salad for me both of which were off the FORK and down my gullet before Sashimi P could asked me how it was! When your done eating you can have a look at the many art galleries around or hit up the hookka bar. I would definetely recommend FORKin Aladdin Jr. I plan to visit again for dinner and belly dancing! C Con Carne
Sashimi P
  • Well said C Con Carne, although I do recall killin' two plates before your one. I must say my second plate was all Chicken Kabob, Rice, and the greens (which is not on the everyday menu). With that said, I FORKin' Recommend the Kabob & Rice. I can't wait to try other dishes on the Aladdin Jr. Menu. Sashimi P
  • Overall: 3 FORKS

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