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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Cham-Ya Grill

Cham-Ya Grill
806 S. Indian Hill Blvd
Claremont Ca, 91711

Genre: mediterranean
Rater: C Con Carne
Pulse (ambiance /atmosphere): 1 FORK

Whats in the glass: Dr Pepper 2 FORKS

Whats on the plate:

  • Meat Shawarma Sandwich (lamb) 3 FORKS
  • Hummus 3 FORKS
  • Baklava 3 FORKS

Customer service: 2 FORKS


  • Cham-ya grill is more a of a fast food setting (minus the speed) thus the lower forks on pulse and customer service. With that being said I had myself a Meat Shawarma sandwich combo comes with a side of hummus and a drink. The lamb wrapped in pita bread with onion, tomato, pickle and the tahini sauce was tasty. Dipp it in the hummus FORKtacular! I grabbed an order of Baklava for dessert Yumm. I would definetely say give your FORK a try at Cham-Ya grill! C Con Carne

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