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* 2 Forks = FORKit (Average)
* 1 Fork = FORKthat (Pass)

Thursday, March 4, 2010


18508 Gale Ave. Suite A
City of Industry, CA 91748

Genre: Japanese Style Pasta

Rater: Sashimi P & C Con Carne

Pulse (ambiance/atmosphere): 2 FORKS

  • Calamari - 2 FORKS
What's in the glass:
  • Lemon Iced Tea - 2 FORKS
  • Mango Juice - 3 FORKS

What's on the Plate:

  • Chicken & Mushroom in Wafu Sauce - 2 FORKS
  • Fried Rice w/Prawn Pilaf - 3 FORKS
  • Neopolitan Pasta - 3 FORKS
  • Chicken Curry - 2 FORKS

Customer Service: 1 FORK


Sashimi P

  • The first impression of PASTA de WARAKU was the smell of sauteed garlic from the parking lot, FORK Yeah!!! I love both Japanese and Italian, so I was intrigued by the genre. The menu had a wide array of choices and made it hard to chose. So I opted for the pick 2 Lunch Special (Under $10) and the Calamari to start. Of the two entrees I selected (Chicken & Mushroom in Wafu Sauce and the Fried Rice w/Prawn Pilaf ) I recommend the Fried Rice w/Prawn Pilaf. NOTE: This is a Cafe Style Joint, ask for the bill when your done. Sashimi P.
C Con Carne
  • When SP first told me about a japanese infused pasta place I thought to myself FORKin awesome! Arriving at PASTA de WARAKU and seeing everything they serve plated on the walls as part of the decor was kind of neat. The menu definetly has a very wide array of choices from simple to kind of exotic. I also opted for the pick 2 lunch special and Calamari to start. My two entrees were neopolitan noodles and chicken curry w/rice. With a tomato based sauce and the sausage and red bell pepper The Neopolitan noodles is definetely recommended. C Con Carne.


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